The best design acknowledges that you can't disconnect the form from the material. The material informs the form.
- Jonathan Ive

We view our environment as a composition of materials, natural and synthetic. Some react with each-other, revealing changes and complexities in their structure, patterns, textures, colours and sometimes even form. Some don’t react at all. There exists a curiosity to discover the mysteries of these relationships through experimenting. There is great joy in discovering through these accidents.

After being an active part of the Mumbai architecture/ interior design market, we got a gist of the way the business works in India. It mostly involves looking up a lot of "references" ( Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, choosing everything attractive, which can directly be copied) and a lot of discussions with clients (discussions which lead to clients showing designers another set of their own references) and most importantly zero experimentation.  

Hoping to share our knowledge of material exploration, we formulated a way to promote design and innovation in India and create possibilities for the motivated designer. In November 2015, we started Contexture with the aim to create on online material library. Through a thoughtfully culminated database of exclusive materials from all around the world, we intend to bridge the gap between designers and material manufacturers.

With Contexture, we wish to propose that architects and designers will develop a new relationship to materiality in general, moving away from using simple, traditional  and standard material to being directly involved with the conception and development of new materials and their application in the construction as well fashion industry.

The website is a knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials, and their applications for architecture, fashion and design. We aim to stimulate and inspire designers to apply these materials to their designs.